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Designing Interactions (The MIT Press)

Designing Interactions (The MIT Press)

Designing Interactions

Digital Technology has changed the way we interact with everything from the games we play to the tools we use at work.
Designers of digital technology products no longer regard their job as designing a physical object - beautiful or utilitarian - but as designing our interactions with it. In Designing Interactions, Bill Moggridge, designer of the first laptop computer (the GRiD Compass, 1981) and a founder of the design firm IDEO, tells us stories from an industry insider’s viewpoint, tracing the evolution of ideas from inspiration to outcome.

Moggridge and his interviewees discuss why a personal computers have windows in desktops, what made Palm’s handheld organizers so successful, what turns a game into a hobby, why Google is the search engine of choice, and why 30 million people in Japan choose the i-mode service for their cell phones. And Moggridge tells the story of his own design process and explains the focus on people and prototypes that has been successful at IDEO?how the needs and desires of people can inspire innovative designs and how prototyping methods are evolving for the design of digital technology.

Foreword Gillian Crampton Smith answers the question, “What is Interaction Design."
Introduction The author explains the origin of the book, illustrated by two personal stories
1 The Mouse and the Desktop Interviews with Doug Engelbart, Stu Card, Tim Mott and Larry Tesler
2 My PC Interviews with Bill Atkinson, Paul Bradley, Bill Verplank and Cordell Ratzlaff
3 From the Desk to the Palm Interviews with John Ellenby, Jeff Hawkins, Bert Keely, Rob Haitani and Dennis Boyle
4 Adopting Technology Interviews with David Liddle, Mat Hunter, Rikako Sakai, David Kelley and Paul Mercer
5 Play Interviews with Bing Gordon, Brendan Boyle, Brenda Laurel and Will Wright
6 Services Interviews with Live|Work, Fran Samalionis and Takeshi Natsuno
7 The Internet Interviews with Terry Winograd, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Steve Rogers and Mark Podlaseck
8 Multisensory and Multimedia Interviews with Hiroshi Ishii, Durrell Bishop, Joy Mountford and Bill Gaver
9 Futures and Alternative Nows Interviews with Dunne and Raby, John Maeda and Jun Rekimoto
10 People and Prototypes The author’s view of designing interactions, with help from Jane Fulton Suri and Duane Bray